Custom Planters

Birch & Bloom offers mobile floral solutions, specializing in designing and building custom porch planters directly at your home or business. We offer our busy clients a convenient service by bringing the nursery to your doorstep. Plus, every aspect of the design is tailored to our client's preferences and the conditions of their space, ensuring that the final product not only reflects their personal style, but is also sustainable and suited to the local climate.

Service Overview

1. Consultation

The service begins with a personal consultation. During this visit, our floral designer assesses the space, discusses your preferences, style, budget and the aesthetic you wish to achieve.

2. Design

Based on the consultation, we will create a custom planter design that complements your property's architecture and your personal style. Then our team will source the plants and materials needed to create your planters.

3. Installation

Birch & Bloom arrives with all necessary plants, decor, and tools to build the custom planters on-site. This process includes soil prep, planting, arranging, and cleanup. You need not be present during the installation, but you're welcome to be!

4. Enjoy!

Admire the beauty of your new planters and enjoy the compliments from your guests and neighbors.

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Seasonal Subscriptions

Join Birch & Bloom's subscription plan and we will swap out your plants/decorations to reflect the different seasons or holidays, keeping your display fresh and relevant throughout the year. Seasonal installations can be arranged for Winter, Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, and Fall. Popular holiday installations occur for Christmas, Halloween & Easter, but we are happy to build your dream planters whenever it suits your schedule! Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Please note: an additional travel fee may apply to locations beyond 15 miles from St. Charles, IL

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